As a business, creating the perfect entryway means contributing to the ultimate first impression. It also plays a large role in setting the tone for your commercial space – no matter what industry you reside in.

Something as seemingly as simple as a door handle can affect someone’s initial thoughts about your business, and can ultimately make or break a deal. While it sounds like a minuscule detail, it’s these subtle touches that entice a for a customer or client to take the next step.


For retail stores and shops


Within retail and commercial spaces – and even offices – large entrance handles are often used for aesthetics. This type of door accessory only requires a grip and a push, which makes for an accessible form of entry for visitors and prospects.


While it’s only a small consideration, any business that specialises in sales should generally consider a type of handle that does not require much effort to use, or that reflects strict privacy. If you’re a retail business, creating a sense of restriction will likely turn customers away, so it’s important to keep this sense of interior design in mind. To do so, choose bigger, more appealing architectural door handles that are easy to use and are the epitome of an open invitation.



For medical clinics and facilities


Contrary to retail, when selecting the type of entryway for a medical establishment, a more professional approach is usually the way to go. Specifically choosing a stylish door handle that matches the interior design of a medical setting allows for a consistent, more comforting entry. As medical facilities tend to value patient privacy, a solid door accompanied by a n architectural handle can also help the patient to feel more secure.



For schools and universities


Educational institutions tend to value practicality over aesthetics, especially when it comes to choosing accessories like these. Selecting a front door handle that has a locking mechanism communicates safety and security for any student or parent when on a campus. However, aesthetics are often less important in this instance.


For the office


On a corporate level, a door handle can speak volumes for the office of a CEO or General Manager of an enterprise. It can be easy to determine if someone has an ‘open door policy’ based on the entryway they create for their private space. Something stylish, yet subtle, can communicate the impression that a corporate executive is more focused on the employees and communication, rather than a locked off, elite-like approach.


It’s also important to consider that handles with locking mechanisms equipped often communicates a closed-off approach to employees. Or if it’s too big and extravagant, it can even be intimidating. While these small details are often overlooked and seem less important, they contribute to the overall experience of those visiting your business. And in the end, all factors count, when it comes to a solid first impression.



Choosing a door lever vs. an entrance handle


Making this kind of decision is ultimately up to the designer or owner of the business. However, there are a few things to consider here. For instance, handles can be more inviting, as they are easier to open in comparison to opening a door with a lever. They’re also more sanitary, as it takes less contact with the hardware to actually open the door.


In the end, finding the right modern entrance option or pull handle all comes down to understanding how you need it to function. It’s also highly essential to keep the user in mind and consider how they’re likely to be feeling upon first entering your space. These tiny details are only minor, but they do contribute to the overall impression of your business, so it’s always worth putting in the effort – just in case.