Restricted Master Key Systems

ENTRO master keying systems form the most common and first level of security in many projects. Using our experience and our registered MSM profile will give you an excellent system and secure premises. With a registered system, the key holders are registered on our promaster system to ensure that only listed contacts can authorise and order new keys.

The keying hierarchy is also a vital part in the security and a keying schedule will be developed with you to ensure the relevant parties such as Body Corporate, Building Managers, Owners have access to each designated area with different tiers of keying.

To ensure the builder can install all the cylinders and have unrestricted access during the construction phase we incorporate a ‘CK’ Construction Key. This key only should be used during construction as once the final key or MK is used the construction bearing will be knocked out.

restricted master keys


  • Design registration to 2023
  • Cupronickel colour coded keys
  • Multi key and multi broach profiles
  • Designed in Australia for Australian conditions
  • Optimal security, no pick
  • Optimal security, no drill
  • Optimal security, no bump
  • Extensive range of products to suit the Australian market

restricted master key system parts

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office installed with restricted master key system

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Endurium + BioCote

Endurium® is a durable abrasion resistant ceramic colour coating that can be enhanced with BioCote® to provide both an attractive finish as well as antimicrobial protection to architectural door hardware and accessories.

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Restricted Master Key Systems

Better to be safe than sorry. ENTRO master key systems are the most commonly used among our clients, serving as the first level of security in various projects.


Accessibility Solutions

We are one of the leading suppliers of accessibility solutions for the medical sector. Our extensive range of door and washroom applications address numerous accessibility requirements in organisations and comply with Australian standards.

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ENTRO is your partner in ensuring efficient and cost-effective completion of projects. Our free hardware scheduling service assists builders and designers from design development to master key scheduling, including installation advice.

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With ENTRO, you can expect fast, reliable and on-time delivery no matter where you are in Australia. Our exceptional sales team, along with our logistics support team, ensures that your commercial door hardware arrives on schedule and in excellent condition.

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ENTRO products carry a guarantee against defects throughout the normal working life of a product. If any product is found to be defective, we will replace or repair the item free of charge.


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